12 Jun 2009

Fleabag has won the Dundee Picture Book Award

I had a fantastic time in Dundee last week, and to win the award was an added bonus, especially when the award was judged by children. Thanks to everyone for making us so welcome!

Comments from the Dundee Picture Book Award judges

“Fleabag is the worthy winner of the Dundee Picture Book Award 2009. Our children, teachers and parents just loved it. When we first saw it we knew it had to be on our long list. When the children who help us select the shortlist saw it, they were equally excited. The four short-listed titles were all outstanding picture books but Fleabag struck a cord with the 800 children involved in the project and this is reflected in the result of the vote.”

“Helen Stephens’ illustrations bring to life the story of a scruffy dog who longs for a home and a family. It is a beautiful story with real tension and will appeal to children of all ages.”

Stuart Syme, Senior Library and Information Officer, School Library Service, Dundee
Moira Foster, Education Support Officer, Educational Development Service, Dundee

Comments from the 10-year-old pupils involved in the project

“I think Fleabag is the best book ever.”

“I voted for Fleabag.”

“I liked reading Fleabag. Fleabag was a great book to read.”

“Picture books are great; entertaining for all ages. Who needs TVs or electrical gadgets when there are picture books around? This project has really helped to broaden my mind.”

“Fleabag, Fleabag, Fleabag, Fleabag, Fleabag.”

“The most difficult problem for me was, when the legs kept falling off of Fleabag. But we did it.” [A child’s comment on making a model for their library display.]

“I have learned that picture books are still great to read even at the age of 11.”