18 Sep 2010

Richmond Walking and Reading Festival

I'll be reading Fleabag and The Night Iceberg at Richmond Walking and Reading Festival on Sunday. It's in The Station at 10.30am.

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  1. Hello Helen, it was lovely to meet you this evening at knitting, what a small world it is isn't it?! I've just had a look at your lovely website, and your work is absolutely magical, Fleabag is one I look forward to seeing especially, I just want to pick him off the cover and give him a big cuddle! Please say hello to Gerry from me. And I hope you come to knitting at Karen's again next week, and we get to have a good chat. My friend Bob, (married to Miles Gregory who is director at the Maltings), has a four month old girl called Nancy, and sometimes she drops by for a cup of tea here on a Thursday, so I don't know if you'd like to join us some time? She has a lovely friend called Julie, who is exactly the same age as Nancy, a little boy called Sebastian. Anyway, lovely to meet you, and your work is beautiful. My warmest wishes, Vanessa x