23 Jan 2010

Today I Visited Seven Stories

Today I visited Seven Stories to do a reading of Fleabag, and some drawing. There was good turn out, probably because of yesterdays radio interview. I took a small crowd of family members, and Paul Black (events officer) made us all very welcome. Here are some pics.

"It was a great pleasure for us to welcome Helen to Seven Stories, the audience were enthralled with her interactive way of telling the story. The children (and some adults) loved the opportunity to get to draw with her too. We hope to see Helen back at Seven Stories very soon!"
Paul Black, Events Officer, Seven Stories, Newcastle.

22 Jan 2010

Radio Interview

BBC Newcastle 95.4 FM/DAB

Today I went to BBC Radio Newcastle to do an interview about Fleabag, and to plug my visit to Seven Stories tomorrow. Gerry and Frieda came with me and we visited a BBC canteen! They really are as bad as legend has it! But I think the interview went well, and Simon Logan was a very nice chap.

You can listen to it on Simon Logan's show. I am about 40 mins in.

7 Jan 2010

Visiting The Golden Treasury

Alice Wood and myself visited The Golden Treasury in Southfields, London in the run up to Christmas. We had a lovely time, and they made a fantastic display of our books in the window.