24 Nov 2011

'Picture This' exhibition at Gallery Oldham.

The BBC have done an article on 'Picture This', an exhibition of children's book illustration that includes myself.

17 Nov 2011

Bologna Bookfair 2007

Gerry and I visited Bologna Bookfair back in 2007. It is where all of the children's book publishers from all over the world meet every year to buy and sell co-editions. We were blown away by the size of the thing. In some ways you feel completely crushed under the weight of work out there, just one small illustrator amongst thousands. But in another way, you see some amazingly inspiring work, which makes you eager to get back to work, to get drawing and experimenting.

Some amazing work by Nakayama Ely.

At the time I was teaching on the Cambride Art School MA in Illustrating for Children. I was working with Martin Salisbury (who is the man at the table with the bushy eyebrows) and John Lawrence (who is the man sitting against the wall with the fine moustaches).

Wolf Erlbruch, guest of honour, being interviewed in front of his beautiful artwork.

10 Nov 2011

Goose Hill School

This week I visited Goose Hill School in Morpeth. I was there for 2 days and each class made a page in a giant book. At the end of the second day we all got together so the children could see what they had created. I have a fantastic time, and the children were so full if ideas and enthusiasm. Thanks Goose Hill!