11 Jan 2012

The first proof of How To Hide a Lion

I am so pleased with how it is looking, the colours need adjusting at the printers, it's come back slightly darker than expected, but other than that I am very pleased with it. A big thank you to Alison, Zoe and Rebecca at Alison Green Books.


  1. Looks wonderful! :D
    I'm working on a story about a lion too!!! :)

  2. Hello Helen,
    lovely to see you the other day. I've just been admiring your lion proofs, such a shame I missed your giveaway. You and Gerry have some admiring comments on the blog post I mention you both, isn't that fantastic!
    Love Vanessa xxx

  3. How fantastic, thanks Vanessa. x

  4. Looks lovely...really look forward to seeing it.