6 Feb 2012

Lost in the Toy Museum

Last week Gerry, Frieda and I went to London. We had no meetings this time, so we just did what we fancied. We saw friends, wandered around bookshops, nearly saw the David Hockney exhibition (the queue was too long) and one day I took Frieda to the Museum of Childhood. We had one of our favourite books with us, called Lost in the Toy Museum by David Lucas. I think all of the characters in the book are actual toys from the museum, so we made it our mission to find as many of them as possible. Frieda was the first to spot Mr Jolly Boy, she was so pleased with herself, we also found a few others, but sadly Bunting, the main character, wasn't on display. We had such a brilliant time. I used to draw at the museum quite a lot when I first moved to London, so it was nice to introduce her to the joys of drawing old, well loved toys. Frieda (3) drew Mr Jolly Boy on the left, I drew Handsome Harry.

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