4 Sep 2012

Harbour sketchbook

I'm just back from a few days holiday further up the coast in Scotland. We swam in the harbour, and I drew every day, heaven! 

Here are some of the drawings. This one was done at about 9.30pm, as the sun set behind the fishing cottages.


  1. Wow, looks like the perfect place to be!
    Beautiful drawings; love the colours, especially the bright blue.

  2. Sketches are so much more evocative of a place than photos aren't they? They can rekindle the smells and feelings and everything so much more clearly! I enjoyed looking in your sketchbook, thankyou! :)
    Jess xx

  3. Hi Helen - I love these! I love the way you've used coloured pencils and layered, scribbled, and kept it quite loose and created these evocative sketches. They're beautiful.