8 Oct 2012

A lovely review

A lovely review from Pam Norfolk at the St Helen's Reporter: Take one rib-tickling lion, a very cute little girl and a big, big secret ... and what do you have? Helen Stephens’ quirky new picture book packed with laughter, lovely pictures and a lovable lion.

So how does a very small girl hide a very large lion? It’s not easy, but Iris has to do her best because mums and dads can be funny about having a lion in the house. Luckily, there are lots of good places to hide a lion – behind the shower curtain, in your bed and even up a tree. But can Iris hide her lion forever?
Stephens, creator of Fleabag and The Night Iceberg, has her hand well and truly on the pulse of children’s humour and this heart-warming story about a very special friendship will win her new fans from the older generation.

She provides a simple text and an easy-to-understand story, ideal for pre-school children with a short attention span. The adorable big yellow lion, a cast of brilliant characters and off-beat illustrations have a distinctly nostalgic feel in their style and presentation, providing all the right ingredients for a firm family favourite.

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