19 Jan 2012

Fleabag Commended at the Sheffield Picture Book Award

Fleabag was commended (I always want to write condemned, I don't know why?) at the Sheffield Picture Book Awards 2009. The prize was judged by children, and these are some of the comments.

There you are: 'The best story in the world.' It's official.

11 Jan 2012

The first proof of How To Hide a Lion

I am so pleased with how it is looking, the colours need adjusting at the printers, it's come back slightly darker than expected, but other than that I am very pleased with it. A big thank you to Alison, Zoe and Rebecca at Alison Green Books.

7 Jan 2012

Venice photos

We went to Venice in 2011 to do some research for a new book, here are some photos we took, I'll post some more drawings soon.

5 Jan 2012

Gerry's plywood trees.

Gerry is off to Edinburgh Printmakers today to make
more trees to sell on his etsy shop.

New shelves- aah!

I bought these old shelves in a junk shop and painted them turquoise,
Gerry put them up yesterday. I am so pleased with them... places to put our
STUFF.... ahh.... After 15 years in a tiny (but lovely) flat in London
I get so excited about having places to put things now!

2 Jan 2012

What Philip Pullman said about Poochie-Poo

Philip Pullman wrote this about Poochie-Poo, one of my very early books that is out of print now. I am a big Northern Lights fan, so was amazed and delighted when he write this. I drew him a pug to say thanks. I heard he loves pugs.
‘Helen Stephens’s Poochie-Poo is an absolute delight. From the elegant illustrations to the haute-couture typography, from Miss Loopy’s hat to Miss Froopy-Frou-Frou’s shoes, it’s funny, pretty, charming, witty, chic and just too too utterly smile making. Biscuits all round! I hope it’s a huge hit.
The really good thing about Poochie-Poo is that it’s genuinely simple and inclusive- despite all the witty stuff that amuses jaded adults like me, it’s a warm and delightful story that children will completely understand and love.
Poochie-Poo is the real thing. I love it!’

Philip Pullman