16 Feb 2012

The Big Adventure of the Smalls

The Big Adventure of the Smalls is due to be published on 5th March, and The Book Bag have written an amazing review. 

15 Feb 2012

What I'm working on today

This is a little taster of a new idea I have, I'll say no more just now.

14 Feb 2012

I saw this beautiful doll during a recent trip to the Museum of Childhood. She is incredibly beautiful, I plan to go back and draw her.

13 Feb 2012

Library Workshops

Today I did two library workshops, one at Newbiggin, the other at Blyth. After a ropey start (where I realised half way down the A1 that I'd forgotten the books and had to turn back!) I had the most fantastic day. There was a good turn out, particularly at Blyth, who had to turn people away because we couldn't squeeze any more in! The children had some amazing ideas and their drawings were wonderful. So all in all, a good day. Thanks to Jill Chambers for arranging it.

Helen has an obvious rapport with children and with her gentle encouragement, the children attending the session produced some outstanding and original contributions to the pop-up book. I think the key was getting the children to draw their own versions of the story, and develop it in their own way, thus giving their imaginations free rein. The pop-up book will have pride of place in the library. We look forward to having Helen back at a future date.
Kim Herring,Team Librarian, Newbiggin

11 Feb 2012

Fleabag on CBeebies

Did anyone see Fleabag on CBeebies?

Sure Start Centre

Earlier today I did 3 readings at Tweedmouth Sure Start Centre. This is my daughter's nursery, so I was very excited to see how she would react to seeing me do an event like this. I took her to a few when she was a baby, but she mostly slept through them or cried and had to be wheeled around the block while I spoke (no reflection I hope!). She has been excited about today ever since I told her, and very proud that she will get to hold one of my props, a scruffy soft toy of Fleabag. All the children, including Frieda seemed to enjoy themselves, especially painting in the giant books at the end. Thanks to everyone who came!

6 Feb 2012

Lost in the Toy Museum

Last week Gerry, Frieda and I went to London. We had no meetings this time, so we just did what we fancied. We saw friends, wandered around bookshops, nearly saw the David Hockney exhibition (the queue was too long) and one day I took Frieda to the Museum of Childhood. We had one of our favourite books with us, called Lost in the Toy Museum by David Lucas. I think all of the characters in the book are actual toys from the museum, so we made it our mission to find as many of them as possible. Frieda was the first to spot Mr Jolly Boy, she was so pleased with herself, we also found a few others, but sadly Bunting, the main character, wasn't on display. We had such a brilliant time. I used to draw at the museum quite a lot when I first moved to London, so it was nice to introduce her to the joys of drawing old, well loved toys. Frieda (3) drew Mr Jolly Boy on the left, I drew Handsome Harry.