31 Mar 2012

A sneaky peek at this week's work...

I am lucky enough to be illustrating a Michael Morpurgo text at the moment. It is a book for slightly older children than I usually do and I am enjoying the challenge. It is about a donkey who lives in Venice. I start all of my books with some drawing from life, I drew the donkey at a nearby farm, and Venice - in Venice! You can see some of those sketches earlier on my blog. I have fallen madly in love with Venice and would like to go back again soon. I have started to read fiction set in Venice, if anyone has any recommedations, I'd love to know.
These are a couple of roughs I have done this week (the white spaces are where the text will go). They might not make it to the final book, I revise and change constantly at this stage, until I feel completely happy, then I start the artwork. The roughs usually take me a few months, then the artwork comes quite quickly. Anyway, better get back to it...

5 Mar 2012

My book made it to french Elle magazine!

My book, The Big Adventure of the Smalls made it to the pages of french Elle magazine! My lovely neighbour, Guy, did this translation for me. Security blanket and Teddy are the same word in French apparently, so the security blanket is actually Mr Puddles (who is called Mr Ploc in the French edition of the book), Paul's teddy.

"Oh, a security blanket!
Which child, sent to bed, has never got up again to go and spy on their parents and their guests? Enter Paul and Lydia, in search of Mr Ploc, a wandering security banket! For all that their name might be Little, the little ones live in a gigantic manor-house, a dream land for great explorers. Drawing reminiscent of the great Quentin Blake combines with sumptuous layout to make irresistible this mischievous little book which will bring a sparkle to every eye." 

2 Mar 2012

World Book Week

I have been really busy with World Book Week this year, what with publishing meetings and deadlines, it has been a bit of a wirlwind. At one point I was in my hotel room, and for a few seconds, had no idea what town I was in!
These are some Fleabag drawings from Year 1 at Hacton Primary School, aren't they brilliant?