13 Sep 2012

A sneaky-peek at what I'm working on today

Douglas didn't know what to think...

This is a rough for a book I am working on today. It's very easy to draw a distressed wee doggie when you've just dropped a sad and worried 4 year old off at school.... She'll come out with her tail wagging tonight, I'll draw that next.

12 Sep 2012

A lovely review of How to Hide a Lion

It is always gratifying to read a good review of one of my books, but this one is extra special. Thanks bookbag!

Oh, and another lovely write up here from my fantastic art director- come graphic designer- come agony aunt -come knitting advisor- come all round good egg, at Alison Green Books, Zoe Tucker.

And booktrust have chosen it in their list of 'Books we Like' Aug 2012.

11 Sep 2012

My first screenprint

After watching Gerry visiting Edinburgh Print over the last couple of years, and making the most amazing prints, I decided to have a go too. It was a weekend course, so when my sister asked what I'd like for my birthday, I asked for two nights in a nearby hotel, which was great.

Anyway... Day 1

I decided I'd print something from my sketchbook. It's a drawing of some figurines in a museum cabinet. First I made acetate colour separations. Because we had limited time it was suggested we just use 3 colours and black, so I decided to use yellow, blue and red, and overlap them to make green, purple and brown too. So 6 colours out of 3.

We cleaned our screens, then coated them with light sensitive emulsion. Then lay the acetate sheets onto the screen and exposed it in a light box. This means the emulsion sets hard everywhere except for the places masked by the drawing.

Then we used a high pressure washer to rinse away the unexposed emulsion on the drawn areas.

Next we fitted the screen to the printing table and printed our first layer. Hey presto! It worked, not that I doubted it, but it's a thrill to actually see the image there, printed! So here is the print after the first two layers, blue and red.

Day 2

We washed the screens and prepared the next two layers. Then when the screens were dry we printed our final colours. It was amazing! My 3 colours really did make 6, and I am quite pleased with the results. I tried to keep my print nice and loose, similar to my drawing, and I think I've done that. But next time I might tighten up slightly, just to that I can line the layers up more accurately. I'm quite pleased though, and I can't wait to go back, I think this is going to be my new obsession!

4 Sep 2012

Harbour sketchbook

I'm just back from a few days holiday further up the coast in Scotland. We swam in the harbour, and I drew every day, heaven! 

Here are some of the drawings. This one was done at about 9.30pm, as the sun set behind the fishing cottages.