17 Oct 2013

Staindrop Primary Hide a Lion Competition

The children at Staindrop C of E Primary, my old school, took part in a How to Hide a Lion drawing competition organised by Amy Bainbridge at The Bowes Museum. (I'll be having an exhibition called 'How to Hide a Lion' at the Bowes Museum very soon, it opens at half term and runs over the festive period.)
The children each thought of an amazing and interesting place to hide a lion. There were some fantastic ideas, here are the winners:

Sally Dykes from Early years Foundation Stage

Under a table. I love how children at this age draw, the simple round shape to represent a table, and we can see through the table to the lion underneath. Lovely!

Evie Sizer from Key Stage 1

In an egytian pyramid. Look he's hiding in a door at the bottom left, very well hidden!

Daniel Jackson from Key Stage 2

Under the sea. This is so full of life. I love the graphic shapes and the strong colours.


  1. It's a shame most children forget how to draw so spontaneously as they get older, these are great! I love how we can see the lion under the table, not many adults would have drawn it in that way would they?. :)
    Jess x

  2. I know Jess, wonderful!